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Architecture Researcher

photography: Doron Letzter



CV: About Me


Ph.D. in architecture, dissertation title:"Libraries in Israel: An Architectural Representation of the Zionist Movement and Israeliness"

Curatorial assistant and a researcher at the Azrieli Architectural Archive, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

M.A. in Architecture, Tel Aviv University, Thesis: "Additions to Historic Buildings - a Hermeneutic Interpretation"

B.Arch. in Architecture, Tel Aviv University


2024: Lecture course: Exploring Theory and Design in 20th-Century Technology in Architecture, Technische Universität München (TUM)
2023-24: Post-Doc / Research Associate, TUM School of Engineering and Design, Technische Universität München (TUM)

2022-23: Post-Doc / Visiting scholar, The Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University, New York.

2022-23: Design Studio Teaching Assistant of Prof.Laurie Hawkinson and Prof. Michael Bell, GSAPP, Columbia University

2022: Ph.D. Tel Aviv University, Azrieli School of Architecture

2021-2022: Teaching Assistant of Prof. Arch. Amos Gitai in the course "Cinema, Architecture and Politics", for M.A. students

Teaching Assistant of Prof. Arch. Eran Neuman in seminars, for M.A. students:

  - 2020: "Architecture, Archive, Curation: The Case of Ram Karmi”
  - 2020-2021: "Virtual-Real”

  - 2021-2022: "Architecture, Archive, Curation: The Israeli Case study" 

2017-2022: Researcher at Azrieli Architectural Archive, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

2016-2017: Teaching Assistant of Arch. Simon Fridman, "Material and details"
2014-2019: Lecturer in the course "Spatial Geometry" 
2016: M.A. degree, Summa cum Laude Tel Aviv University, Azrieli School of Architecture 
2014: Registered architect in Israel Engineers and Architects Registrar
2011-2013: Teaching Assistant of Prof. Amnon Bar Or, Survey, Documentation and Evaluation of Historical Buildings
2010: B.Arch degree, Tel Aviv University, Azrieli School of Architecture 
2009-2014: Architect at Amnon Bar Or Architects’ 

2008-2009: Research assistant of Dr. Esther Grabiner's, "Community Houses in Israel"
2006-2010: 3D computer simulation in architecture and interior design
2004-2005: Tourist guide in the old city of Jerusalem 


2018, 2022: Production of the book - "Arieh Sharon – the Nation's Architect", Prof. Arch. Eran Neuman

2017-2022: Curatorial Assistant (Researcher and curatorial assistant to the curator Prof. Arch. Eran Neuman, at the exhibitions):

  - Arieh Sharon – the Nation's Architect, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2018)

  - The Supreme Court: Sketches, The Azriel Architectural Archive, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2018)

  - Sam Barkai: Eclectic-Modern, The Azriel Architectural Archive, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2019)

  - Human, Pattern: Works from the Collection of Nahum Zolotov, The Azriel Architectural Archive, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2020)

  - The Building: 50 years, The Azriel Architectural Archive, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2021)

  - Primary Sources, The Tel Aviv University Art Gallery (2022)

2015-2018: Production of Final Projects students' exhibition, Azrieli School of Architecture, Tel-Aviv University

2013: Production of the book - "Time of Conservation"(Heb.), Prof. Arch. Amnon Bar Or  


2020: Dan David Prize - (Scholars, Past) Cultural Preservation and Revival

2019-2021: Azrieli Fellowship Ph.D. Program 

2018-2019: Ph.D. Student Scholarship, Tel Aviv University

2016: M.A. degree, Summa cum Laude Tel Aviv University, Azrieli School of Architecture 

2014-2016: Azrieli Fellowship M.A. Program

2014: Dean's Scholarship for M.A. Students, David and Yolanda Faculty of the Arts

2012: Ramat-Yishay, Memorial Center Competition

2011: Water-Tower Conservation, honorable mention
2010: B.Arch Final Projects Competition, Azriel School of Architecture, Tel Aviv University, award excellence 


- Addition to Historic Building: A Hermeneutic Interpretation, Cogent Arts and Humanities (2022): link

- Addition to Historic Building: Between Parasite and Prosthetic Architecture, Journal of Architectural Conservation (2022): link

- Knowledge and Prestige: Architecture of Academic Libraries in IsraelThe Journal of Academic Librarianship (2023)link

- Architecture, Memory, and Bereavement: Israeli Memorial CentersCogent Social Sciences (2023): link

- Ha'Aretz Newspaper about the paper mentioned above: link, phone version: link

- From Vision to Realization: The Architecture of Culture in the KibbutzimHeritage & Society (2023): link

- The Public Library: An Architectural Representation of a Local IdentityCultural & Social History (under revision)

- Concreteless Brutalism: In Praise of Exposed Materials Design Studies (under revision)

- The Brutalist Figure - Grid, MDPI: Architecture (2024): link

- Urban Brutalism: Between Urban Renewal and Slum Clearance (under revision)

Morphological Examination of Housing Projects in New York (under revision)

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